What Are The 8 Phases of EMDR?

EMDR is a very innovative and cutting edge therapy type that is starting to take the world by storm. The reason behind this is that it uses technology that has never been seen before, and it also has some pretty interesting things to say about the manner in which human behavior is inculcated within your neural pathways. The key thing to note about EMDR is that it involves an analysis of your eye movements as well as teaching you ways to control these movements better which will also help you become healthier once all has been said and is now out of the way.

hepatitis c therapiesAnyone that wants to take part in EMDR in Elgin, Illinois should know that there are eight phases to this, starting off with taking your history and planning out a treatment process based on its particulars. The next stage involves preparation, followed by assessing the impact of the initial treatments to see if anything needs to be changed. After this you will be halfway through your therapy because of the fact that it will be time for the fourth stage which helps you to desensitize your ocular motions and become better at managing them than might have been the case otherwise.

Installing the apparatus follows this step, and then the sixth step would be to scan your body to see the biological impact that this installation is having on you. The last two stages involve closure and a final assessment. If your therapist feels like you are good to go, this is where the process will end. Otherwise, you would need to start the whole thing over again until you feel better all in all.