Telltale Signs of a Substandard Removals Company

If you are planning to move to a new house, you will have to hire a moving company to transfer your belongings from one place to the other. However, if you want the process to go smoothly, you will have to hire a good Italian removals company for the task.

man with a vanBut there are many scammers and thugs in the market waiting to rip you off.

Therefore, learning about the signs of a bad removals company is a must if you are going to hire one soon. Here are the signs of a bad removals company.

They Don’t Provide You With an Agreement

A bad company will always hesitate in providing you with a well explained agreement. That is because they want to overcharge you for the service, and doing an agreement will stop them from doing so.

So, no matter how reputable a moving company might be, ask them to provide you with a detailed agreement, and sign it with them before getting the project started. Never hire a company which refuses to give you an agreement.

They Ask For Upfront Cash Payment

Another sign of a bad moving company is that they will ask you to pay only in cash. That is because they want to keep themselves hidden from taxation and other law-enforcement authorities.

Moreover, you should never pay fully for any service upfront. You can pay a small amount with your credit card if the service provider insists, but never make full cash payment upfront. Rather, pay after the service is done perfectly.

Never Hire a Company Which Goes Door to Door For Work

If a company is good enough, they’ll automatically receive lots of calls and regular work without begging for it by knocking every door.

Moreover, such companies don’t have any physical office which you can visit in the case of an emergency or complaints. So, avoid hiring them at all costs.