Should You Brush a Carpet?

Sometimes the best choices that we could ever make for ourselves are often not the most obvious ones. For example, if you were to ask someone or the other what the best carpet cleaning method is in their point of view, they would tell you that vacuuming it is the obvious answer. However, while vacuuming is a pretty easygoing way to clean your carpet and it can help remove vast quantities of congealed dirt and clumps of animal hair, suffice it to say that it fails to tackle any dirt that lies even a tiny bit lower than the outer surface of your rug.

Using dry steam cleaner to sanitize floor carpet.Unless you have a commercial grade vacuum that you use each and every day, you would need to hire a carpet cleaning service Friendswood to supplement the rather weak results that a regular vacuum would be capable of offering up to you. A much more useful technique that is worth the amount of extra exertion it would require involves using a carpet brush. Not that many people know that you should brush a carpet just as often as you vacuum it, and that is something that we are looking to change.

The main reason for why brushing a carpet might be a fruitful endeavor for you has to do with how much more dirt it can remove from your rug than a vacuum. The suction power of a vacuum might be very convenient, but the brushes that most vacuums have are rather soft and fragile. If you brush your carpet with stiff bristles, this can loosen up a lot more dirt that might have been caked up at the bottommost layer which makes vacuuming more effective too.