Is Cool White or Warm White Better For Outdoors?

Different people will obviously have their own different opinions with respect to the ideal color for the lights that they would add to their internal and external home environments.

landscape lighting amazonSome people prefer cool white, but there are still many that would say that warm white is a far better color for reasons that we are about to get into shortly. Suffice it to say that your preferences for indoor light color might not have as strong of an influence on the outdoor white color that would end up being best for you if you think about it with an objective enough frame of mind.

After all, even if you are the kind of individual that feels like cool white is far superior to the warmer variants that others swear by, when it comes to outdoor lighting installation in Austin Texas the latter is definitely more useful than the former by a rather long stretch. Warm white is the only light bulb color that accurately mimics the color of the sun, and you would want to replicate that as best you can to trick yourself into believing that night time has not come yet and you can therefore keep the party going for as long as you would like to.

Cool white can be great for office environments, and some people would go so far as to use them at home as well. However, this type of lighting does not work outdoors because the stark contrast between its hue and the natural colors of sunlight would be rather jarring, so much so that you wouldn’t want to sit outside at all if these are the lights that you go for.