How to Do a 301 Redirect

No matter how beautiful and perfect you think your website is, there is a pretty good chance that you would need to make some drastic changes to it sooner or later. Whether these changes are mostly cosmetic in nature or if they are about to fundamentally alter the core concepts that your website is operating on, the truth of the situation is that this shakeup is going to result in a situation wherein many of your old URLs are not going to lead to anywhere and this can send your user traffic plummeting especially if this old URL is still on SERPs.

social media advertising appsHence, it would be great if you studied the difference between a 302 redirect vs 301. This is because of the fact that redirects can be an excellent way to make sure that no one goes to the wrong URL, and the easiest way to do a redirect of the 301 type is to go to the settings page in your project. The hosting section of this page should have all of the features that you need to turn this redirect into a reality.

You might notice an Old URL as well as a Redirect URL option. The fact of the matter is that you just need to follow the instructions here, and when you put the correct URLs in no one would ever mistakenly go to the URL that you have stopped using for quite some time. Redirects like this need to be taken care of because broken links can be a rather enormous reputational risk for a lot of companies and they usually can’t afford to suffer risks that are as big as these ones.