How Much is a Pi Paid?

Being a PI is a popular choice for people that used to be involved in official police cases, and police detectives in particular are known for taking this route because of the fact that it allows them to supplement the ample pension that they would be receiving with a second source of income that allows them to start living very comfortably indeed. The best way to figure out how much you can earn as a PI is to look into the hourly rates that PIs in your local area tend to charge.

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Suffice it to say that the national average that PIs get paid is about 25 dollars an hour, and this can go all the way up to a hundred dollars an hour as well if you put enough time into the field. A private investigator Metairie LA can earn an income over well over sixty to seventy thousand dollars a year, and that will remain true even if you make a few mistakes here and there that you might have to get over so that your reputation can recover.

The optimal initial rate that you should start charging is twenty five US dollars an hour though, but the great thing is that you can charge extra for any expenses that you had to bear which need to be reimbursed. What’s even more pertinent is that you can potentially charge for twenty four hours if the investigation occurs over a period days which would basically result in a situation wherein you are paying paid to sleep! You would still need to produce good results, though, so you should focus on wrapping your cases up as quickly as you can.