How Big of a Wind Turbine Do You Need to Power a House

There are a lot of things that people would consider to be the most important of all, but if you look at such matters from a wide angle viewpoint you would realize that nothing is more crucial to the continued survival of our species than energy. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that we need energy to cook, illuminate our homes as well as gain access to the internet, and suffice it to say that none of these things are easy enough to let go of at any given point in time.

wind turbine installationThe only problem with how much energy we consume is that the manner in which we generate this energy can be enormously harmful for our planet in some way, shape or form. Burning fossil fuels is making the planet too hot for people to live on, so you might want to consider switching to a home wind turbine Scotland so that you can generate your energy without releasing any noxious gases into the atmosphere above your head.

You would definitely need some advice regarding how big of a turbine would be required to power the entirety of your home. Wind turbines are rated based on their power generation capacity, and a 5 KW turbine would be just enough to give you the energy that you so desperately need. This is the bare minimum required, so you might want to take it up to the 15 KW range just so that you can be sure that there would never end up being any kind of energy shortfall in the future.