FROM FIRST TO LAST – Dear Diary, My Teen Angst has a Body Count


While at the Warped tour browsing along the tents, I decided to find the best deal on cd’s. I came across From First to Last, and they surely convinced me that this was an album to buy, and seeing as how it wasn’t going to be released until the next day, I decided to give it a try.

There are a lot of positive things to say about this band. Their creativity level is definitely present, ranging from a use of xylophone, acoustic, and varied harmonization. It’s not just another double bass pedal hardcore/screamo band. They even start off with a 25 second soliloquy, something that really pulls you in. The Vocalization is really nice, ranging from smooth clean vocals, to hardcore screaming. Something different than most albums, they added a Minuet towards the end of the album that contained a complicated, but smooth acoustic guitar solo.

Something that I thought was pretty cool was the very last song, an added bonus track that remained untitled, but definitely showed their creative fun side.

For those who enjoy rap along with this genre of music, you will also get a small taste of their rap side with a twist, by guest rapper Major League Playa. They show not only their strong, painful side, but add their sensitivity and gratitude into this album. I really enjoyed the variety of style in this album.