F-MINUS – Wake Up Screaming


Ugh screamo bands that can’t pull of the screamo thing really annoy me, and this is one of those bands. Screamo isn’t that bad usually and it isn’t always “screaming emo” it could be just a band with a lead singer screaming for no possible reason other then to completely and utterly annoy me.

Seriously why do you have to scream why!?!?! You know A Static Lullaby has screamo but at least you can make out the words and Joe sounds good screaming. And it’s not just the screaming it’s the music it has no rhythm what so ever. All you have is someone playing a guitar and drums seriously where’s the beat where’s the urge to jump into a mosh pit? Is this suppose to be some new kind of approach F-Minus is taking, because if it’s new I strongly suggest they move back to the old style.