Well here’s some straightforward street punk for you. I have to admit I am not a fan of this style of music. The CD, “Till the End” only fuels my dislike for street punk. This genre of punk seems to be ripe with repetitiously bad music played really fast and some singer who could not sing a note if his life depended on it. Endless Struggle is all of the things I hate about this genre thrown into one. I had to admit I was a little disappointed as I enjoy many A-F Records bands.

A-F bands seem to be a little more polished then your average indie band which is something I can not say for this band. The lyrics don’t live up to the A-F name either. Don’t get me wrong they are not all necessarily bad; they are just half-and-half. Some songs do have their moments there were some hardcore parts in a few songs that I really enjoyed. Bottom line is that this is just another street punk CD that follows a tradition of being unoriginal and boring.