DUVALL – O Holy Night


When it comes to records in the punk scene that put you in the Christmas spirit your options up until now have been:

The Vandals – Oi to the world

Now we have a second option. Asian Man’s Duvall have taken a different route than the Vandals, they’ve covered ten traditional Christmas tunes and remained faithful to the season.

Duvall is made up of Josh and Eli Carterer from the Smoking Popes along with Rob Kellenberger from Tuesday and Colossal. The Smoking Popes sound really comes though on most of the tracks with their innocent and vulnerable sound.

The song choice is commendable, instead of covering Frosty the Snowman or any other overplayed holiday favourites, they’ve chosen to focus on traditional Christmas songs that emphasize it as a Christian holiday. Picture the Smoking Popes doing “Angels we have heard on high” or “Jesus Christ”. In theory it sounds weird but it actually come together quite well as a full CD. (Also the Smoking Popes comparisons are unavoidable)

The two most standout tracks are “O Holy Night” and “Do you hear what I hear” (Which has what sounds like a six year old girl singing at some parts) I could have done without “Away in a manger” but that’s just personal preference.

As a Christmas album, Duvall delivers! It’s well produced and arranged and won’t offend your gramma and grampa like “Oi to the world” would. Pick it up and remember what Christmas is all about.